About Us

There are currently over 40 million victims of human trafficking or slavery, of those, 15 million are children under the age of 15. This is unacceptable. Of all the important battles for justice that are being fought worldwide, we sincerely believe that this is of the utmost importance.

This organization was founded with the goal of bringing justice to the world of trafficking. That means stopping the industry, and rescuing and sustaining the victims. This work is overwhelming; it is necessary; it is God’s work.

The Gray Samaritan
is an organization that is committed to doing this work with excellence and skill, but without fanfare – the deed, not the glory. We prefer to work from the shadows for good, equipping people and organizations across the globe with the awareness, skills, and other tools they need to eliminate human-trafficking in their communities.

The Origin of The Gray Samaritan

The concept of the ‘gray man’ is a person who blends into whatever environment they find themselves, in three different ways. First, this could mean their appearance, whether business casual or jeans and a t-shirt. Secondly, it is also someone who understands the culture and people around them as they move about various settings. Finally, it is a person who does not have to be noticed — being noticed would in fact be counterproductive. The Gray Man therefore requires wisdom and humility.

The Good Samaritan was a man who traveled in dangerous territory without fearing attack, but still had the foresight to be prepared, equipped with medical supplies and a knowledge of first aid. He also carried enough money to support himself and others if necessary. He traveled with reliable transportation and was armed with an attitude of service to others, even at his own expense — as evidenced by his care towards the stranger he rescued. Lastly, he was a man of good reputation and character; the hotel owner accepted, without question, all that he was tasked with from the Good Samaritan.


The Gray Samaritan’s founder, Timothy Cox has been in law enforcement for 28 years. He has been a certified firearms instructor for at least 20 of those years.That instruction was primarily for a state agency where he was the lead firearms instructor and taught safe, accurate and tactical shooting. This instruction included flat range basics, room clearing, and also shooting in and around cars. He taught brand new agents and seasoned operators alike.

He was a member of the US Army Reserve and National Guard as an MP and infantryman. While in that service he was also taught basic rifle and pistol before starting his law enforcement career.

Other related training experience:
Combat Systems, certified level 1 and 2 with Kevin Secours
Tactical Jiu Jitsu level 1 with Jon Burke

He has received additional training in Systema, PPCT, Police Safety Systems and many other firearms schools for his own personal development.

His current personal development in all of these disciplines is ongoing.